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Paul Desmond/Alto Sax

Discography: 1948-1977

This listing includes original titles and rerelease titles. Since the rereleases are more readily available they are given last.

A beside a catalog number indicates a CD.

All dates are recording dates, unless otherwise noted.

This is by no means a complete Discography. There are literally hundreds of Brubeck/Desmond releases on various labels. I have tried to concentrate on what is currently available.

A number of published sources have been used to compile this Discography particularly:

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As well, the following people have generously supplied information: Michael Baughan, Dan Blana, Mike Davis, Ken Dryden, Gil Ferreira, Barry Hatcher, Mathias Herman, Mike Lower, Wendell Norman, Doug Ramsey, Paul Stanley, Hans van der Plas, Bert Whitford, Jim Williams.